Any parent booking 2 or more children from their own family will receive 30% off the total price, immediate family only.

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  • Teversham Primary School
  • Queen Emma Primary School


  • Main course: 10am-3pm
  • Extended course: 8.45am-4.30pm

Cambridge activities for kids


Each holiday period we offer two sports courses, football and multi sports for the Morning session and a 'world cup tournament' plus further multi sports in the Afternoon session.

As of Easter we have introduced a new activity: Dance Club. Now running at both venues, Dance Club will be optionally available at the Teversham venue in the Afternoon and at the Queen Emma venue; for the Morning session.


Football (All Day):
In the morning, players will compete in football related fun games and competitions with a world cup tournament in the afternoons.


Multisports (All Day):
Participants will play fun games, competitions and tournaments of as many different sports as possible. These include hockey, basketball, tag-rugby, tennis, rounders, cricket, netball, football, athletics as well as other game related activities.


Dance Club (Morning/Afternoon):
New for 2016 and commencing from Easter at both our venues. Teversham venue (Afternoon) - Queen Emma venue (Morning).

Although we run two separate courses children are free to change courses at appropriate intervals, to maintain their enjoyment

Dance Club

NEW for 2016: DANCE CLUB
Learn, create and experience the fun of dancing!
From Easter onwards, Children at the Teversham Venue will play multi-sport games in the morning and then optionally join dance club in the afternoon. At Queen Emma dance club is available in the morning session.

All dates apply to both Venues

If booking multiple weeks, and you wish to book online please just complete one form and then text Paul (07803034579) the dates you wish to attend


£50 per week or £11 per day
Monday 12th February - Friday 16th February


£40 per week or £11 per day
Tuesday 3rd April - Friday 6th April

£50 per week or £11 per day
Monday 9th April - Friday 13th April


£40 per week or £11 per day
Tuesday 29th May - Friday 1st June


£30 per week or £11 per day
Wednesday 25th July - Friday 27th July

£50 per week or £11 per day
Monday 30th July - Friday 3rd August

£50 per week or £11 per day
Monday 20th August - Friday 24th August

£40 per week or £11 per day
Tuesday 28th August - Friday 31st August

Extended Course

8.45am-10am 3pm-4.30pm
£2.50 £11 per day: Main course £2.50

For an extra £5 per day we will open the school from 8.45am-4.30pm and provide supervision to aid parents and guardians who require it. We will play extra games and activities until pick up time.

If you require the extra time everyday of the course:

  • 4 day course £17.50
  • 5 day course £22.50

How to Book

  • Download booking form below. Print and return to: Paul Jordan, 2 Villa Court, Cambridge, CB4 2TX. (Cheques should be made payable to: P Jordan).
  • Book online using the online booking form below.
  • Text me/call me with your child's name on 07803 034579. You can complete the form and payment on the your first day of attendance.
  • If booking more than one child (that will have the same personal details, or for multiple weeks i.e. Summer or Easter), please use the same form for both names/courses.

Download Booking Form Online Booking Form


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